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Our 24×7 customer support team is here to help you have a seamless experience.

24x7 Service Helpdesk

No matter day or night, you can contact our service helpdesk anytime for any type of issue occurring on Driver Fixer Pro. Our professionals are here to assist you via three modes: call us on 1-866-252-2104, click on the chatbox to contact our customer support representative, or email us at We will get back to you as soon as we go through your email to provide with required resolutions.

Instant Support

We have made available an instant support service team completely dedicated to replying, assisting, and resolving customer inquiries of different types of issues related to Driver Fixer Pro. Whether it’s a query related to payment method, any technical guidance on how to use the tool, or anything else related to its functionality and security, you can click the chatbox below to connect with us.

Don’t worry? Losing a license key is not an unusual thing. Anyone can face this issue. You can easily recover it by contacting our customer support helpdesk via chat, email, or call. Our representative will ask for your email ID which you used during registration. We will then send you back your license key so that you can continue using Driver Fixer Pro without any interruption.
Using Driver Fixer Pro is very easy and convenient. However, you may have queries related to the download and installation process, license key, tool’s functionality, and others. We’ve compiled some common question-answers in our FAQ book to help you know your answers. If you still have anything else, feel free to contact our customer support representatives anytime.

Lost License Key

Lost License Key